Social Studies



English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12

 Writer's Workshop I

Writer's Workshop II

Writing in the Workplace (.5 credits) Build Your Own Course (Literature)


Social Studies



General Mathematics

Business Mathematics


Algebra Lab (.5 credits)

Algebra I (Mandatory)

Algebra II


Probability and Statistics (.5 credits)

 Math in the Workplace (.5 credits)

 Build Your Own Course (Math) 

Social Studies

Social Studies

Social Studies



World Civilizations (Mandatory)
Exploring Civics (Mandatory)

World Geography




African American History

Street Law

 Build Your Own Course (US History)

Build Your Own Course (World History)


Health & Phys. Ed.

Social Studies


General Science

Physical Science

Biology (Mandatory)


Earth Space

Health & Phys. Ed.

Health & Phys. Ed.

Health & Phys. Ed.


Health (.5 credits)

Physical Education (.5 credits)

 CPR/First Aid (.5 credits) 

Other Courses

Health & Phys. Ed.

Health & Phys. Ed.


Career Awareness (Mandatory)

Career Internship (.5-3 credits)

Community Service (.5-3 credits)

Career Awareness


Learning Style Inventory

Grit Survey
John Holland Self-Directed Search

Career Cluster Finder
Myers Briggs Type Inventory

Career Information/Research

SAT/ASVAB/PA CareerLink 


Personal Budget

Oral Presentation
Job Application Resume and Job Interview Preparation
Fool Proof Me: Personal Finance & Consumer Protection

Fool Proof Me: Car Buying Guide Readings

Fool Proof Me: Care Buying Guide Assignments

Testing-out Option For Credit(s)

York Adams Academy Testing-Out Option Administrative Guidelines:

 The York Adams Academy Authority Board shall grant high school credit in all courses (except Algebra I, Biology, English 10, Physical Education, Work Co-op and the Career Awareness Project) to a student enrolled at York Adams Academy, but who has not previously failed the course (at YAA or another school) and who exhibits a reasonable level of mastery of the subject matter of the course by attaining a grade of a 75% C+ on the final exam of the course.

For the purpose of earning credit under this section, any YAA student who has not previously failed the course (at YAA or another school) may take the final examination in all courses (except Algebra I, Biology, English 10, Physical Education, Work Co-op and the Career Awareness Project).

 • Credit earned under this section shall be based on a “pass” grade and shall not be included in the computation of grade point average for any purpose.

• Credit earned under this section will be counted towards a student’s graduation requirements.

• The course will count towards the sequence fulfillment as a requirement for a subject-area course (ex. If a student “tests-out” of English 11 they may move on to take English 12).

• Once credit is earned under this section, a student may not receive credit thereafter for a course lower in course sequence concerning the same subject area.

• Students may only attempt to test out of a course one time.


Students wishing to “test out” of a course:

• Must notify their teacher prior to starting the course.

• The teacher will then schedule a “test out” appointment with the school.

• Prior to starting the “test out” assessment, the student must turn in any personal electronic device(s) to the director or designee.

• The student will have one full 3 hour test session to complete the assessment.

• For basic math course assessments, the use of a calculator is prohibited.