School Closing/Delays:

Announcements about school delays, early dismissals, and closings will be broadcast on the following television channel:  WGAL-8. 

Students can also call 717-718-5836 after 6:30 am to find out about delays and/or closings.   

Students can also check this website.

Total Graduates (since 1990):


There is no question that earning a high school diploma is essential for future vocational and educational success. Each year, however, many students drop out of high school, seriously crippling their chances for a successful future.    

In partnership with its seventeen member school districts, York Adams Academy (YAA) uses an innovative and flexible approach to assist students in attaining academic proficiency 

and earning a Pennsylvania Department of Education

recognized high school diploma. 


York Adams Academy students experience relevant coursework, an experienced, caring, and dedicated staff, and accountable student and staff relationships.


Students develop determination, diligence, self-discipline, 

time management, organizational skills, and self-awareness, which 

guides them in their future educational and career path.  

Highlights of the YAA program include the following:

  • Choice of three sessions to attend
  • Individualized instruction
  • Self-paced instruction
  • Open-entry and open-exit enrollment
  • Career Awareness
  • Work Co-op Program
  • Community Service Opportunities

Mission Statement:

The mission of York Adams Academy is to give eligible students the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma.  This is made possible through an innovative and flexible approach, and in strong partnership with member districts. 

Vision Statement:

York Adams Academy believes that every one of its students is capable of educational success, and that teamwork on the part of the students’ families, the member school districts, the students themselves, and York Adams Academy is essential. 

Upcoming Events

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